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1939 world's fair coffee exhibit

1939 World's Fair Coffee Exhibit

1939 world's fair coffee exhibit   1939 world's fair coffee exhibit

1939 world's fair coffee exhibit   1939 world's fair coffee exhibit

1939 world's fair coffee exhibit   1939 world's fair coffee exhibit

1939 world's fair coffee exhibit


Here is an unusual coffee exhibit showcasing a bit of the history of coffee. This was a world's fair exhibit from 1939 put together and showcased by the Coffee Information Bureau in NYC.

We have not heard of this organization before, but we did find a few references on the internet.  The latest information we could find was an article published in the Arizona newspaper, Palo Verde Valley Times/Quartzsite Times in 1998, which we show below.  From this article, it appears that it may be in some way affiliated with Eight O'Clock coffee.


palo verde times   palo verde times 

The coffee exhibit shows coffee beans from around the world in small vials, color coded by the corks. The back of the lid tells where each one is from. Although we believe so, we cannot vouch that the contents are original, but the original corks certainly appear to be untouched. The tin has lost it's original lustre, but shows the proper patina for its age.

The exhibit also contains a fact-filled brochure explaining how coffee is brought to the market from around the world, from harvesting to roasting, grinding and buying coffee. It also explains the latest innovations such as "steel cut" coffee and vacuum packaging among others.

This exhibit has 7 vials of coffee samples from South America. The back of the lid says they are color-coded: red, green, yellow, blue, black and two plain corks. This one has two blue vials but not the second plain vial which contained a sample of roasted coffee beans. Obviously this was human error when this exhibit was put together.

The tin is 5 inches in diameter. The vials are 3 inches tall and approx 1/2 inch diameter.

This is an unusual but educational piece of coffee history. It would fit well in a museum!

Item No.  TIN-1040     -     $95



maxwell house coffee cups

Pair of Maxwell House Coffee Cups

maxwell house coffee cups 

maxwell house coffee cups

maxwell house coffee cups 

Here is a beautiful pair of Maxwell House coffee cups that really stand out!

We don't know how old these are, but they look they were made yesterday. The stunningly bright red with bold white lettering and gold highlights make a showy statement.

The cups read:
Maxwell House
Good to the last drop

and INSTANT COFFEE in reverse gold background on the front of the cups.

Excellent condition, no scratches, cracks or chips. We have not tested these in a microwave oven but they will certainly keep your cup of coffee warm and add a splash of color to your world!

The cups are 3 inches diameter and just under 4 inches tall. 

Item No.  TIN-1038     -     $25/pr



three crow coffee tin

Three Crow Coffee Tin

    three crow coffee tin three crow coffee tin three crow coffee tin

three crow coffee tin


Here is a fun and unique coffee tin! 

The label simply reads "THREE CROW BRAND COFFEE  Steel Cut"  with a picture of three crows sitting on a country fence. There is no other information whatsoever - no town, manufacturer, etc.

The lid pulls off with handle on the top rather than your typical screw-on lid.  The tin looks like its made from galvanized steel.  It is in perfect condition - so scratches, rust or dings of any kind. The yellow/orange label is 100% in tact, great color,  no tears or signs of wear.

We could not find out any more information about this brand and this is the only one we've ever seen.
What a fun item to add to your collection!

8 inches tall, 5 inches diameter.

Item No. TIN-1036     -     $45




eight oclock coffee bank   eight oclock coffee bank

Eight O'Clock Coffee Bank

eight oclock coffee bank   eight oclock coffee bank

This is a cute little coffee collectible:  a vintage coin bank by Eight O'Clock Coffee.

What a fun way to keep your spare change!
This is from the days when a nickel saved truly meant something.
An easy way to save some change for a rainy day - you'll be surprised how quickly those pennies add up
(or those dollars from the tips you get everyday)!

Excellent condition, brilliant colors, hardly a scratch inside or out.

The bank stands 4 inches tall,  2-1/4 inches wide by 1-1/2 inch deep.

Item No.  TIN-1034     -     $20 



maxwell house coffee tin

Maxwell House Coffee Tin

maxwell house coffee tin   maxwell house coffee tin   maxwell house coffee tin

This is a large 2 pound, special edition Maxwell House coffee tin from 1979.  The teal background, red bold lettering with gold highlights makes this colorful tin really stand out.

Company lore says their slogan "Good to the Last Drop" is a tribute to President Teddy Roosevelt.  The story goes that Teddy visited the posh Nashville Maxwell House hotel and declared it was good to the last drop after having a cup of their signature coffee.  Other versions of the story say Teddy was served this coffee at Andrew Jackson's estate, The Hermitage, which is near Nashville.  Either way, it is their patented slogan to this day.

This is a nice, clean tin - no rust and barely a scratch!

7-1/2 inches tall, 5-1/2 inches diameter.

Item No. TIN-1037     -     $25 



50 flags tin 

Hills Bros Commemorative 50 Flags Coffee Tin  

50 flags tin   50 flags tin

50 flags tin   50 flags tin

We've come across this tin before, but we couldn't let this one pass by.
This special edition tin is stamped 1971 on the bottom and still has the plastic lid.

The tin is quite clean overall with exceptional colors.  This is an unusual design for Hills Brothers, which usually feature the highly recognized Ethiopian taster.

6-1/4 Inches Diameter, 6-1/2 Inches Tall 

Item No. TIN-1039     -     $20


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